Welcome to intwischa

Here at intwischa.com, we strive to celebrate the finer attributes of pencil-and-paper roleplaying games. While the barbarian or rogue might scoff at these characteristics as mere dump stats, we wholly embrace them, acknowledging that our hobby is an erudite, enlightened, and inherently social endeavor.  The games we play wouldn’t be the same without them, because it wouldn’t be much fun to play characters who couldn’t think, empathize, or talk.

In our pursuit of this celebration, we, a community of artists, writers, and scholars*—gamers all—have gathered with our smoking jackets and snifters of brandy around a table of fine mahogany to examine these games we play. We strive to help ourselves and our readers sufficiently extract every nugget of enjoyment this pastime has to offer.

But why another gaming blog, you ask?

Primarily, it is because we needed to give the wives an excuse for all the brandy and smoking jackets.  Our secondary answer, one that we believe holds the most integrity with our passion for gaming, is that we are writing to have fun. Consider it a form of metagaming, if you will: we can’t spend all our time gaming, but we have made a sport of talking about the game.

We do strive to be different in several areas. We are both system- and release date-agnostic; you will neither find us catering to one particular game, nor focusing exclusively on “modern” or “retro” gaming. We strive to provide game-ready content at least once a week, and the specific advice for GMs and players will be applicable to nearly all the games on your shelf.

At our launch, we are committing to three updates per week (M/W/F). Thank you for reading, and we hope you will add us to your favorite RSS reader so that you can become a part of celebrating the finer attributes of gaming.

* You’ll have to judge for yourself whether we’re talking about the contributors to this blog, or the characters they play in their games

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