Dyson Logos’ Random Dungeon Dice

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As anyone who sees the links in our Twitter feed must know by now, I’m a big fan of Dyson Logos‘ work. If you haven’t been introduced, he blogs about geomorphs (among many other things) . Geomorphs are bits of maps which can be rotated and randomly stuck together to make maps that have a decidedly old-style (read: blue lines) feel.

He’s announced a new project to create geomorph dice, which seems like a wickedly cool idea to me. Equally cool is the service being used to raise funds for the dice. It’s called Kickstarter, and it allows someone to promote a project in order to fund that project. For instance, the geomorph dice can’t get off the ground without $6,500 in startup costs.

Any user can go to the site and pledge toward the project (and most pledges get you something cool: 1 die at $9, or a set of 5 dice at $20). If they don’t raise the needed funds, everyone’s money gets refunded. If they do, people get their dice. Sweet idea!

Good luck, Dyson and crew!

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