Cool Links: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Impress Tiamat

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Tiamat Attacks!A lot of our recent focus here at Intwischa has fallen on “the big baddie”: how to create one, what makes them tick, different ways to ruin your party with them… That last link invoked the names of several ‘big baddies’ as “evil gods”, and went on to describe what makes them so.

While it may lose me some gamer cred, I could not for the life of me remember the 36-24-36 on Tiamat. All I could recall is that her name should make me shudder, so I did what any self-respecting nerd would do when lacking pertinent information: I asked the internet.

I was thoroughly unprepared for what I found below. While I could blame my pathetic initiative for leaving me flat-footed, it’s more likely a result of my crappy characters never living past levels in the single digits. And when you roll dice like I do, almost every monster could be called “Oh [email protected]#” and have a ring of truth to it.

Just in case you think your favorite PC is ready for an enormously evil encounter, click this link from Dungeon Mastering and be reminded just how insignificant we heroes are.

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