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One of the reasons I spend so much time writing up different generators to share with you, our sophisticated and loyal readers, is that I myself love using them.  That said, I’ve (shamelessly) used a couple of my own for an upcoming game of Pathfinder I’ll be running before too long.  That got my generator gears a-turning, and I wound up at a site that I now visit daily:

This particular link will take you to a Random Generator that produces detailed & complete cities for your fantasy campaigns- something I wish I’d thought of, but will have to settle for linking you to instead.  However, I will shamelessly promote our Metropolitan Mayhem Machine as a perfect way to find that crucial event to kick off your adventure once you’ve randomly generated your fictional locale at the site above.

By the way, if you’re going to follow the above link you’d better cancel the rest of your appointments for today.  The Random City Generator is just one of many fully realized apps that will swallow an hour or two before you even realize you haven’t been getting any work done.  Not that I would know anything about that personally…

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