From the Archive – Play By The Rules: Random Character Benefit Generator

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Guided by a firm belief that the books are just the beginning, we here at Intwischa are pleased to present “Play By The Rules”, an ongoing series that will provide custom mechanics for your favorite RPGs! These posts will strive to give players and storytellers alike original, creative, game-ready ways to add spice and texture to all kinds of role-playing experiences. Here’s hoping you’ll try one out, leave a comment, or suggest your own!

If you joined us last time, you may have already used our random generator for character quirks and flaws. For this installment of “Play By The Rules,” we give a nod to exceptional virtue (and perhaps even to balance) and provide a Random Character Benefit Generator. Given all the powers, feats, and other heroic attributes your PC has available to them this table may seem like just another choice. But random gifts are always more exciting than the ones you pick out, so I suggest using one of these random gems to either counter a voluntary mechanical flaw you’ve already rolled, or to replace a low-level feat or power that you chose when building your character. With the exception of the in-game effects, this table could be used for a number of systems. I tried to give a very general flavor to the names, descriptions, etc. just for that reason. No matter how you incorporate it, it’s almost guaranteed to result in some interesting encounters.

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