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It’s officially autumn here in the northern hemisphere, and the weather is starting to get colder.  If that encourages you to stay inside, and you can’t game at the moment, you can at least read gaming blogs.  Luckily, it’s Tuesday, and I have game blog links.  How convenient!

On Endings

Whether it’s the leaves turning on the trees, or that we’re a little more than a month from Halloween, peoples’ thoughts this week seem to be turning toward endings.  For some, it’s about ending campaigns.  For others, it’s civilizations, character death, or even how a cancer diagnosis changes one’s perspective on game statistics and risk.  It makes for a somber RSS feed, but worth reading.  Since this is such a big category this week, I’ll stop blathering, and let you read.


“S” Words for $400

Long time readers will know that I’m a sucker for history.  I remember watching a video of demonstrations of medieval sword techniques, and thinking that it put a much more brutal spin on the “knight in shining armor”.  Swords were tools, and just as much thought went into every inch of their design as a modern weapon, and the whole thing could be used to kill.

This week, Shortymonster had a great post about this very subject, proposing ways the massive swords needed to counter plate mail could be used in the close quarters found in RPG dungeons.  Very interesting stuff.  Don’t neglect the comments either, there’s some great stuff there.


Damn Gnomes Anyway

Somehow, every time I go over my starred posts for the week, the Gnome Stew boys always end up well represented.  This week, I’m throwing them all in one category.  Well, all except the one that snuck in above.

This week, Matthew Neagley reminds us that we have several senses, many of which are often overlooked in GM descriptions.  Troy Taylor gives us GMs permission to join the party, and describes several ways to pull it off without getting mobbed by the players.  Finally, though I didn’t join the Kickstarter, I was intrigued by the Story Forge cards.  Phil Vecchione has fed that interest with his method for coming up with sub-stories for individual characters in the game.


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