Game Inspiration Links for the Week of 3/26/2013

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Gloedelampe fatninger

Gloedelampe fatninger by Lysmand via Wikipedia

I always enjoy Shortymonster’s historical posts, and this time he hits on another of my interests, the Victorian Era. Not too long ago, our main campaign was Dresden Files RPG set in Victorian England, and I wrote a series of articles very broadly covering the period. Shortymonster gets into much more detail, listing some very specific points of Victorian etiquette. Not only would the ideas be useful for someone playing a Victorian character, but they also gets you in the mood for playing a game in that setting. At least, it had that effect on me.

Meanwhile, over at Gaming Ballistic, Douglas Cole links to an idea for a sandbox game. It has similarities to the game Matt ran for our Swords and Wizardry campaign. However, it adds a unique element of taking and holding land. It definitely sounds interesting.

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