MWP Cancels Marvel Heroic Roleplay Line

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Newsboy in 1905

Newsboy in 1905 via Wikipedia

Bad news for those of us who enjoy Margaret Weis Productions’ Marvel Heroic Roleplay. It seems that they couldn’t justify maintaining the license, and have been forced to cancel the whole line.

“Our first event, CIVIL WAR, was successful and well received, but it didn’t garner the level of sales necessary to sustain the rest of the line.”

This is a shame, since MHRP has been one of the most interesting and innovative games I’ve tried in quite a while. The good news is that Cortex, the system upon which it’s based, is alive and well. They also recently acquired the Firefly license, so hopefully we’ll have another awesome game to look forward to from MWP.

Thanks for the heads-up Matt.

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