Sci-fi Links for the Week of 4/11/2013

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Cassini Saturn Orbit Insertion

Cassini Saturn Orbit Insertion by JPL via Wikipedia

In celebration of next week’s kickoff of our first Traveller campaign, today I’ve got a bunch of links for a sci-fi game. Enjoy!

To start us off, we have Shortymonster’s guest post at Stuffer Shack. Waking Up is the seed for a sci-fi game, in which the players are brought out of their cryogenic sleep into an unexpected situation. Lots of possibilities here for several plot types.

As it happens, that was my only gaming link. The rest are all real-world space news. For instance, this story about how volcanos kept early Mars warm. This could be an interesting terraforming method for budding planetary engineers.

In this article, scientists mull the possibilities of a fusion rocket. This would shorten the trip to mars from eight months to one, which would make such a trip much more feasible.

For my final link, I have Popular Mechanics’ article on how to build a starship. This cool story discusses the logistics and design considerations of sending humans on a multi-generation voyage. Great food for the imagination!

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